Wine Tour

Wine tours are educational experiences. Besides tasting wine, you’ll tour the vineyards and walk the rows of the season’s harvests. Depending on the time of year, you may even be invited to pluck a few grapes and sample them straight from the vine. After returning from the vineyard, you’ll head inside to visit the production area of the winery. Tours culminate in wine tasting.

A wine tour can last anywhere from an afternoon to two weeks. Some people tour in cars, limos, and vans — others on bikes and even kayaks. And some vacationers even squeeze in a game of golf or a cooking class between tours. Most wineries are open to the public a large part of the year. If you live within driving distance, you can hop in the car and spend the afternoon touring the winery and come home that evening with a new addition to your wine cellar. If you’re in the mood for a vacation, you can tour various wineries every day.

We provide transportation for any vineyard

  • Luxury Mercedes Benz for a couple/li>
  • Full-size Van for 15 Passengers
  • Limousine up to 10 Passengers
  • SUV limo up to 20 Passengers
  • Mini Bus and Coach bus up to 54 Passengers

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Planning a trip to one of the 30-plus tasting rooms in the area? Then take heed from these local winery managers, staffers, and winemakers, who shared their thoughts about having a good time, pacing oneself — and not pouring leftover wine in the tip jar.

DO remember that a North Fork merlot won’t taste the same as the one you love from Napa Valley.

“I think the most important thing about tasting wine in a winery setting is to learn the story of that winery and to be very careful not to associate it directly with other wine regions in the world,” says David Page, co-owner of Shinn Estate Vineyards in Mattituck. “The best thing you can do is try to identify what it is about this place that makes these wines have their own, personal identity.”

DON’T feel intimidated by the long list of wines on a tasting menu.